Mike Woodard: Leadership Now for Durham's Future

Mike and Sarah with Mike's parents as he takes office in 2005.

Mike with Councilman Ali, Mayor Bell, and Mayor Pro Tem Cole-McFadden in Walltown.
Mike and Sarah are introduced to the US Jaycee Convention. Mike was 1999 NC Jaycee President.
Mike riding in the 2009 Pride Parade.
Mike introduced Governor Perdue to the Durham Chamber's Legislative Day.
Mike served as Co-Chair of the 2009 Duke Race, a fundraiser for the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

In 2005, I made a very simple promise to the citizens of Durham—that I’d be a councilman they could be proud of. Four years later, I’ve made good on that promise.

Our city has made great strides over the past four years, and I’m proud to have played a leadership role in helping us reach new heights. Yet we have much more to do, and I would like to continue to serve the citizens of Durham in making our city even greater.

 That’s why I am seeking your support in my reelection campaign.


In 2005, I pledged to work on four major issues.


A Safer Durham

·        Finding short-term and long-term solutions to crime.

·        The increasing gang problem

·        Co-founded Durham Mentoring Alliance

·        Making our streets and sidewalks safe to travel on

·        Fought to maintain Safe Streets lighting program

·        Providing adequate resources for our police officers and firefighters

·        Fought for police officer and firefighter pay plans

·        Fought for increased overtime pay

·        Actively supported taser use by police officers


 An Economically Viable Durham

·        Spreading economic development to all parts of the city

·        Served on DDI Board of Directors

·        Fought for dedicated Neighborhood Revitalization Fund

·        Worked for enhanced transportation service, especially bus service

·        Investing in our neglected infrastructure

·        Fought for dedicated line item for deferred maintenance

·        Fought for street repair line item in General Fund

·        Providing affordable housing

·        Smart growth principles

·        EEUDO Committee

·        Two years as chairman of JCCPC 


A Cleaner, Greener Durham

·        More effective waste management policies

·        Fought for comprehensive solid waste program

·        Especially elimination of fee-based yard waste program

·        First step of comprehensive program

·        Fought for new recycling program

·        Advocated for elimination of dumpster service

·        Cleaner streets and public spaces

·        Fought for tougher controls on abandoned shopping carts

·        Decrease of 50 percent

·        Fought for increased funding for park clean up 

·        Energy efficient buildings and services that save tax dollars

More Effective Leadership

·        More accessible to all citizens

·        Improved attendance at Council meetings and other public functions

·        Perfect attendance record to meetings; only missed two breakfasts

·        Restoring accountability and confidence in city government

Additional Goals for 2009-2013

·        Comprehensive Mass Transit Plan

·        Enhanced Bicycle and Pedestrian Amenities

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